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iAssets Market is Empowering Creators By Helping Them To Turn Anything into an NFT.

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iAssets Market is Empowering Creators By Helping Them To Turn Anything into an NFT.

May 03
15:20 2022
A multi-chain NFT platform, iAssets Market allows users to avail unlimited possibilities and great flexibility and scalability by empowering them to leverage blockchain technology to transform anything into an NFT.

The iAssets Marketplace is a decentralized asset trading platform. It is a multi-chain NFT platform. Its exclusive feature supporting several chains allows users virtually limitless possibilities. Starting with Smart Chain, iAssets will soon expand its support for Ethereum, Tron, Cardano, Polygon, Solana, Hashgraph, and Polkadot. The iAssets initiative empowers creators with Blockchain Technology, making it extremely convenient to turn anything into a unique NFT and save up to 99% on gas fees. The NFT token trades are handled by a smart contract on the smart chain. When a user purchases an NFT token, Marketplace distributes the token to the buyer while also sending money to the seller. 

The swirl of headlines surrounding NFTs and the rapid adoption of the technology across many areas of our lives has caused some to wonder what an NFT is exactly. However, despite parts of the technology being difficult for the average person to understand, NFTs and other blockchain-based technology are changing how the world’s financial sectors function. To start with the basics, an NFT is abbreviated for Non-Fungible Token, meaning that it is irreplaceable and unique. Unlike bitcoins which are fungible and not unique as there are many bitcoins. While NFTs come in many forms, iAssets allow users to turn Art, GIFs, Music, Video, patents, and Document into NFTs, making them unique and composed of various elements and features. 

Bridging is a distinctive feature of iAssets. Their bridge system serves as a conduit for cross-platform transactions. Users can transfer their NFT tokens between blockchains using bridge technology. Users can transfer NFT Tokens from Ethereum to Solona or Cardano to Polkadot and others. While transferring one NFT from one platform to another, it is first burnt, after which a new NFT Token with previous information and metadata will Mint on Cardano.

iAssets is powered by the NBM Token. The NBM Token features a built-in 5% transaction tax, of which 2.5%is burned, and 2.5% is returned to holders. Fees are paid in NBM by users who want to promote their tokens on the platform. Users who pay using the NBM token will receive a 25% discount on public and private marketplace fees. Holders of NBM Tokens who stake them receive 0.5% of public and private marketplace earnings. 

For more details and information, visit https://iassets.market

Join their Telegram Group: https://t.me/iassets

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