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5 Basic Diagnostic Methods of TCM used to Cure Disease

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5 Basic Diagnostic Methods of TCM used to Cure Disease

January 14
12:30 2021
5 Basic Diagnostic Methods of TCM used to Cure Disease
Especially, TCM acupuncture in Singapore opts to be the popular therapy and adopted by people in severe pain. Even, WHO recommends it for hereditary diseases. It is one of the successful practices that followed by the pain clinics in Singapore as the alternative therapies.

TCM is one of the oldest practices to get relieve from pain via medicine. It is more than 3500 years older than western medicine. No one should get confused with Orient medicine that is used to describe the practice. TCM is the standard format of Chinese medicine that was in practice before the Chinese revolution and based upon ancient beliefs. Daoist used to believe that the human body is the miniature version of the universe. Another popular belief was that the vital energy denoted as Qi flow throughout the body to perform a series of function to maintain the proper health. But, TCM practitioners have believed that chronic pains are the result of blockage or imbalance of Qi.

Another valuable concept of TCM is Yin/Yang that establishes harmony between opposing and complementary forces that basically support health and it can be even referred to the five element theory that is equally important for TCM. In Yin/Yang theory, it acts as the character of health such as location, temperature, and amount. It illustrates the polarity and notions which is dependent upon each other for survival. The five elements represent the stage of human life and its functionalities. To learn TCM, it is important to have a deep knowledge of the five elements. This practice overcome the issue of chorionic pain in the best and specified manner.

TCM addresses a wide variety of health concerns such as pain, migraine, immune enhancement, health maintenance, anxiety, skin problem, depression, chemical dependency, wellness, and rehabilitation. The practitioners make use of five basic methods: inspection, auscultation, olfaction, inquiry, and palpation. Here is the account analysis of the 5 diagnostic methods:

Inspection: it is not only concerned about looks and behavior but even, related to the condition and appearance of the tongue. Practitioners of traditional Chinese medicine analyze the tongue that is inclusive of size, shape, color, and coating. For TCM treatment, patients are recommended not to brush their tongue before the appointment so that the finding does not become difficult to understand.

Auscultation: It basically refers to the listening of a particular sound that is produced by the patient such as his/her voice, respiratory movement, and coughing.

Olfaction – It is referred to the attending body odor or breath of a person during the appointment

Inquiry – This is the phase when the practitioners of Best TCM in Singapore enquire about a few questions related to the regularity, severity, characteristics such as hot or cold, perspiration, head/face, pain, urine/stool, thirst/appetite, sleep, chest/abdomen, gynecological symptom. In case, everything goes appropriately, then the process proceeds to the final step.

Palpation – This is the final step in which the pulses is checked via detecting 3 different location of the wrist pulse i.e. radial artery, area of pain/tension, and the affected meridian. This is done to check the energy pathways that are responsible to coordinate the functionality of the organs and maintain the balance of the body by regulating the function.

Later it is followed with the therapeutic method that is designed for the help of the patient to achieve and maintain health with 6 different modern approach methods of TCM such as TCM Acupuncture, moxibustion, tuina massage, cupping/scraping, Chinese herbs, and TCM nutrition. Amongst all, acupuncture opts to be the frequently practiced component of TCM. Baozhongtang is a reputed brand that is known for its 100% result oriented treatment. Practice for TCM for eczema in Singapore has even been acknowledged for its awakened results.

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