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11 B&R National Business Survey Teams Visit Chengdu Mibei Technology Company

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11 B&R National Business Survey Teams Visit Chengdu Mibei Technology Company

October 08
21:37 2019

On the morning of October 7th, a group of 11 B&R national business survey teams with nearly 30 people visit Chengdu Mibei Technology Company and made a comprehensive investigation for its upstream and downstream industry chain. It is reported that the delegation members are from the Seminar for Certification and Accreditation Cooperation Officials from Developing Countries of 2019, which was sponsored by Ministry of Commerce of the People’s Republic of China and jointly organized by Academy for International Business Officials (AIBO), MOFCOM as well as the Economic Joint Committee of China Commercial Stock Enterprises.

This event is to carry out research and exchange in line with the research plan, and nearly 30 officials from all over the world come to the production base of the company. On the same day, the related principals of Neijiang Bureau of Economy and Information Technology, Chengdu Mibei Technology Company, and Mr. Xie Zhiguo, the chairman of the production and R& D team greetedthe visitors warmly.


On October 8th, the delegation visited the production base of the company in Longchang, Neijiang, to understand the development process, the overall scale and operation of the company. After visiting the production workshop and witnessing every link from the raw material to the final product, the delegation consulted the raw material procurement, equipment source, quality inspection process, production process, production technology and technology. When the members of the delegation inspected the products in the exhibition area, they showed great interest in the ecological pure walnut oil and other products produced by the company, and expressed their willingness to further cooperate.


At the symposium held by the responsible persons of the delegation and the company, Mr. Gao, the director of Chengdu Mibei Technology Company, introduced the characteristics and advantages of various products in detail at the scene, and let members of the inspection team taste, compare, and inquire about their products as well as strong willingness to cooperate! A member from Rwanda said he wanted to bring walnut oil to his country and hoped to cooperate.

Another member from the delegation said that their country was rich in walnut oil and rich in raw materials, and hoped to cooperate in the supply of raw materials. A member from Egypt said he had made great progress in all products of the company and hope to bring some products back to Egypt. He said that Egypt market demand for walnut oil was very large, hoped that enterprises could build factories in Egypt to produce products; and the league members from Southeast Asia and Indonesia have expressed their willingness to cooperate with the company’s products.


Mr. Gao, the director of Chengdu Mibei Technology Company, introduced the technology of the company, which is a whole industry chain enterprise focusing on the production, operation and sales of the original walnut DHA products for the families born after 90s. The company is responsible for the production and research and development of the enterprise. – Sichuan Junyirunze Food Co., Ltd. is the key investment promotion project of the municipal government in 2012, mainly engaged in agriculture. Product intensive processing, in line with the national industrial policy, is the national encouragement to give priority to the development of industries.

At present, the company is an important marketing strategy based on the new social retail business with parent child content and health service, focusing on the development concept of “scientific nutrition and value maintenance” for pregnant and infant, and always adhered to the “integrity and innovation” to create green, safe and healthy products and services, and make new social retail enterprises that can make consumers feel at ease, cooperate with each other, save their minds, staff centering, shareholders and social recognition. Finally, the team of Chengdu Mibei Technology Company and its manufacturing enterprises jointly indicated that although they encountered many difficulties in the development of enterprises, they also caught up with the opportune moment and received strong support from national policies.

In recent years, we have been actively responding to the development strategy of “B&R” and “going out” and strives to open up overseas markets. The rich resources of all the countries along B&R are the needs of the Chinese people, and we also have many quality projects that can go out to invest in production. We hope that through this investigation, we can strengthen our business contacts with the countries along B&R and seek opportunities for mutual cooperation and expand overseas markets one by one and steadily.


Since the “B&R” initiative was put forward for six years, the construction of “B&R” has taken a solid step. Governments and relevant institutions adhere to the spirit of partnership and firmly adhere to the joint efforts, co construction and sharing, so that policy communication, facilities interconnection, smooth trade, financial integration and common people’s hearts have become the goal of joint efforts. It has also created an environment conducive to open development and promoted the establishment of a fair, rational and transparent system of international economic, trade and investment rules. The “B&R” initiative has not only strengthened our communication and friendship with people from all over the world, but also promoted the orderly flow of production factors, made resources more efficient, and ultimately deeped the integration of the market.

In the near future, it is entirely possible for us to see that the “Mibei” brand walnut oil products are sold and circulated in the global market in the future, and there will be more “made in China”, “made in China” and “made in China” products in the future. It is believed that with the continuous deepening of the “B&R” and the joint efforts of all countries, we will be able to effectively build an open world economy and cooperate to tackle global challenges and work together to build a new international community and the destiny of mankind.

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