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‘Birds and Humans: Who are we?’ by Ruth Finnegan Gets Rave Reviews For Its Simple Way of Presenting Complex Information

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‘Birds and Humans: Who are we?’ by Ruth Finnegan Gets Rave Reviews For Its Simple Way of Presenting Complex Information

June 07
15:49 2022
‘Birds and Humans: Who are we?’ by Ruth Finnegan has been highly appreciated for its interesting information and simple presentation.

Ruth Finnegan, OBE scholar and a celebrated writer with over 25 academic books to her credit, has released her recent work titled ‘Birds and Humans: Who are we?’ The general concept of the book based on the similarities, differences, and relationships between “Birds and Humans” is a fascinating one. 

“I don’t honestly know if it is a unique idea or not, but I have not really seen a book focusing on such themes,” says a Senior Group Leader, Royal Society Protection Birds, UK. “It is a very enjoyable read, covering a good range of themes and topics. Each section is well written, usually including an extensive selection of scientific research, observations, stories, and anecdotes.” 

The book is actually written in the memory and honor of David Campbell Callender, the gentle Irish Naturalist, by his granddaughter Ruth Finnegan.

The book draws parallels and contrasts between the world of humans and birds. It explains that birds and humans have different ancestries. Birds are the last living species of dinosaurs, and humans share ancestry with the apes. Yet, there is more in common between the two than expected.

The Literary Titan, which provides unbiased, informative, and engaging book reviews and connects authors and readers, say, “The book is a refreshingly different take on the usual encyclopedias about birds; rather, it talks about birds with a child-like fascination.”

As Ruth Finnegan is an anthropologist and has no expert knowledge of birds, the book smartly keeps away from the use of specialist terminologies and Latin names. 

‘Birds and Humans: Who are we?’ keeps readers engrossed with its variety of captivating images and illustrations. The text is aimed at the ‘college age’ group. 

According to the reviewers at The Literary Titan, the book presents complex scientific information and theories in a way that is relatively easily understood and accessible to a wide range of readers. Some sections are intentionally thought-provoking and can trigger a debate.

“I particularly liked the ‘Questions for reflection, discussion or debate’ section near the end. Personally, I have certainly read a lot of information in this book that I was previously unaware of,” says a representative of the Literary Titan. “The author’s deep connection with the birds is clear and awe-inspiring and is amply reflected in the book. I would recommend this book to anyone curious about birds and readers looking for a light but informative book.”

There are some fascinating examples in the book about how birds survive in the woods. The book reveals how Australian raptors deliberately carry burning sticks to spread wild fires to create a good setting for their favoured food source. It also speaks about the impressive memory of nutcrackers returning to cached food and the amazing nest-building exploits of tailorbirds. There are numerous other fascinating examples presented in an engaging and readable format. 

“Birds and Humans: Who are we?’ is quite unlike other non-fiction books. It has a wealth of information about birds presented in a manner that evokes deep interest and fascination in the subject.   

Read more reviews here: https://reedsy.com/discovery/book/birds-and-humans-who-are-we-ruth-finnegan#review 

For more information, visit http://www.ruthhfinnegan.com

About Ruth Finnegan:

Ruth Finnegan OBE is a renowned scholar and celebrated writer who is an Emeritus Professor, the Open University, a Fellow of the British Academy, and an Honorary Fellow of Somerville College Oxford. She was recently elected as one of the first four International Fellows of the American Folklore Society, a much-valued honor. Ruth Finnegan was born in Derry (on the last day of December 1933) and grew up there and in the remote countryside of Donegal. She went to a literature-imbued Quaker school in York, earned top degrees in classics and anthropology at Oxford, and carried out fieldwork on story-telling in Africa. From 1969, apart from three years in the South Pacific island of Fiji, she taught and researched at the pioneering Open University. She is the author of over twenty academic books, several of them prize-winning. She has three daughters (two of them born in Nigeria), five grandchildren (one in New Zealand), and now lives in Old Bletchley, England, with her husband of over 50 years.

You can order a copy of the book by clicking on the following links – Amazon or Lulu.

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